understanding your insurance policy

understanding your insurance policy

  • How Does Workers' Comp Insurance Function In The Trucking Business?

    Workers' comp insurance coverage is one of the most important parts of running a business. In the trucking industry, it can be more important than in other fields because injuries often occur in catastrophic accidents that can lay drivers up for months or even incapacitate them for life. Understanding how workers' comp insurance operates in the trucking business is critical. Continue reading to learn some of the differences and how they might apply to your business.

  • Auto Insurance Coverage For High-Risk Drivers

    Auto insurance can be tricky on its own, but when you're considered a high-risk driver, it's even more complicated. High-risk drivers are often referred to as "high-risk" because they've either been involved in an at-fault accident or have multiple traffic violations on their driving record. They're also often younger drivers with little experience behind the wheel.  If you have been labeled as a high-risk driver, you're not out of luck. Here's what you should know about auto insurance coverage.

  • Why Do The Business Insurance Premium Rates Vary?

    If you are shopping for business insurance, you want to ensure you get the best price for your plan. Ideally, the policy should cover all your requirements and have a reasonable price. However, if you fill out various commercial insurance plans several times, you'll notice that the prices change often. This is usually determined by the details you fill in the documents. Here are a few factors business insurance providers consider when setting the premium for your company's coverage.

  • Questions To Ask An Agent When Shopping For New Homeowner's Insurance

    You are unhappy with your current home insurance provider and are considering jumping ship and working with a new insurance agent. However, before you make the switch, it is critical to ask several questions to ensure you receive the coverage you need at a price you can afford. Before you switch providers, ask home insurance agents these critical questions. Is It Necessary to Buy Homeowners' Insurance? One of the most basic and essential questions to ask any insurance agent is if you legally require home insurance on your property.

  • Features To Consider When Selecting Medicare Supplement Insurance

    Medicare provides foundational health insurance protections, but many seniors purchase an additional Medicare supplement insurance policy. There are several different types of supplemental policies. Here are some features to check as you compare the different options. Foreign Emergency Travel Retirees who intend to travel during their senior years need to make sure they have health insurance coverage wherever they go. Standard Medicare doesn't necessarily cover travel-related emergency medical costs well, but some Medicare supplement plans do.

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    understanding your insurance policy

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