understanding your insurance policy

understanding your insurance policy

  • What To Expect From A Claims Adjuster After An Accident

    When an insured driver is involved in an accident, the insurance company sends out a claims adjuster to review the damage and assist with the processing of the claim. For some people, this already stressful time is made more stressful, as they do not know what to expect from the process. Although all auto insurance policies are different, there are some standard practices you can expect from the adjuster. Damage Origination

  • Two Things To Consider When Setting Up Your Homeowner's Insurance Policy

    When making a purchase as large as a home it is very important to protect it. A house is made up of many different systems and contains the majority, if not all, of your valuable possessions. If a fire breaks out or an intruder somehow finds their way into the property, you must have measures already in place to guard you against financial ruin. If you are buying a house and looking into your homeowner's insurance policy options, there are a few essential things to know.

  • What Does Your Auto Insurance Really Cover? 3 Answers

    Auto insurance is one of the most important ways to protect both your financial investment in your car and your means of carrying on daily life. But having the right insurance is dependent on understanding what is and isn't covered by your policy. Do you know what's really protected with your insurance coverage? Here are three common coverage questions and what you need to know about the answers. Are Your Belongings Inside the Vehicle Covered?

  • Tips For Purchasing Workers Compensation Insurance

    Building a business from the ground up requires a lot of effort and hard work, but it is also very rewarding. As a business owner, one of the details that you will need to attend to is purchasing workers compensation insurance in order to protect you employees in the event of a workplace injury. Buying workers compensation insurance is not optional if you have employees, it is a requirement. Thus, don't make the mistake of operating your business without having a valid workers compensation insurance policy.

  • How To Shop For Cheap Auto Insurance

    Given the opportunity, everybody wants to have cheap auto insurance. It's important, though, to distinguish between low-cost insurance and a policy that's just plain bad. Acquiring cheap auto insurance takes some effort though, and here are 6 things you'll want to consider while you shop. Don't Jump at Hype and Advertising Even if your best friend says a company is great, that's not necessarily going to be the case for you.

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understanding your insurance policy

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