understanding your insurance policy

understanding your insurance policy

How To Shop For Cheap Auto Insurance

by Tuĝba Van Den Heijkant

Given the opportunity, everybody wants to have cheap auto insurance. It's important, though, to distinguish between low-cost insurance and a policy that's just plain bad. Acquiring cheap auto insurance takes some effort though, and here are 6 things you'll want to consider while you shop.

Don't Jump at Hype and Advertising

Even if your best friend says a company is great, that's not necessarily going to be the case for you. Lots of companies are in the business of selling cheap car insurance, so make a point to shop far and wide. Get numbers, and avoid listening to what are purely sales pitches. Once you have several good-sounding numbers, continue down this list.

Talk with an Agent

Don't limit your search to what's available online. Search engines are increasingly targeted toward customer profiles, and you don't want to assume that whatever Google says is the best for you is the best you can find. Contact an insurance agent and ask them to do some comparison shopping for you. You can then contrast these numbers against what you've found online to get a better sense of how good the deals might be.

Maximize Your Coverage

There's a line between cheap and terrible coverage. You don't want to land on the wrong side of that line just for the sake of saving a couple of bucks.

Many insurance carriers offer add-ons for a small price, such as motorcycle, home, renters, or RV insurance. Bundle coverage for a discount if you're sure you'll need it anyhow.

Likewise, think about the features of a policy. If you can add comprehensive coverage for a few more bucks a month, it's probably worth it.

Be Blunt About Asking for Discounts

You're the customer, and the company offering cheap auto insurance wants your business. Be as direct as possible about asking for a discount. If you're not thrilled with what's offered, write the number down and keep shopping. Check out rates from several providers before settling on a policy.

Mention as Many Details as Possible

Many insurers provide discounts based on specific details of your history. For example, military and veteran discounts are common. There are also discounted rates available for folks who drive fewer miles a year than most.

Stay Dedicated to Paying

Life comes with money crunches, but those issues compound when you don't keep up with your payments. Nothing will torpedo your cheap car insurance faster than past due bills and canceled policies. If at all possible, keep your account current at all times.

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understanding your insurance policy

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