understanding your insurance policy

understanding your insurance policy

  • 5 Reasons To Include Interns And Volunteers On Your Worker's Compensation Policy

    Too many non-profit organizations, community action coalitions, and other social groups think that all you need is a waiver and you can't be sued by volunteers and interns that get injured while helping out. Unfortunately, even the most well-written waivers can fail in court if the judge finds the document invalid. Make arrangements to cover all unpaid workers as if they were employees for these five important reasons. State Requirements

  • 3 Common Car Insurance Mistakes That Can Seriously Cost You

    Car insurance is something that everyone needs to legally drive, yet many people make serious mistakes when purchasing it. If you think about the car insurance options you choose, you might realize that you don't even know exactly what they all cover. You need to understand exactly what your car insurance policy means so you can make the best choices for the coverage that you need. Here are 3 common mistakes that people make when purchasing car insurance.

  • Want To Keep Your Home Insurance Rates Low? Try These Techniques

    If you're like most homeowners, you want to make sure that your property and everything within it is safe from dangers such as fire, floods, hurricanes, theft, and damage due to other natural disasters. But after adding all of your belongings to your policy, the rates can start to really add up. Luckily, you can implement a few techniques that will help you to keep your home insurance rates low without having to worry about expensive item replacements if something goes wrong.

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understanding your insurance policy

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