understanding your insurance policy

understanding your insurance policy

Times When You Should Call Your Homeowner's Insurance Agent

by Tuĝba Van Den Heijkant

If you're like many homeowners, you spoke with your homeowner's insurance agent when you bought your house, and you might call to make policy payments but probably don't talk with them much beyond that. What you may not realize, though, is that there are some instances when you should reach out to your homeowner's insurance agent about your policy. Here are a few of the key times when you should call your homeowner's insurance agent.

You Have Gotten A Pet

If you've adopted a pet, it's worth making a call to your homeowner's insurance agent to let them know. While cats and many rodents aren't a concern, dogs and certain exotic animals can be. You may find that your policy premium changes due to an increased risk factor with your pet. Either way, you'll want your insurance company to know that you have the pet so that any potential losses associated with that pet can be covered.

You Installed A Pool

If you add a pool to your backyard, that's definitely something that your insurance company needs to know about. Pools are a liability risk, and your insurance company may have some requirements for fencing, locked gates, and other safety features in order for your policy to cover you for any potential loss.

You Added A Woodstove Or Fireplace

Woodstoves and fireplaces are important considerations for your homeowner's insurance and need to be listed appropriately. If you add one or the other to your home, you need to let your homeowner's insurance agent know about it. They may send someone out to inspect it, take pictures, and take measurements. That information is essential when adding the stove or fireplace to your policy, so make sure you accommodate that inspection.

You Bought A Trampoline Or Jungle Gym

If you're putting up a trampoline or jungle gym in your backyard for the kids, the warm weather days are sure to be lots of fun. These are great investments to help keep the kids active and still have them under your watchful eye, but they are also safety concerns for your insurance company. Any time you buy something like this, it's important to let your insurance agent know about it as soon as possible. That way, your policy can be updated to reflect it.

These are some of the most important times to reach out to your homeowner's insurance agent. Keep these points in mind and reach out to your agent if you have any other questions.


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understanding your insurance policy

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