understanding your insurance policy

understanding your insurance policy

3 Things A Damages Expert Can Do To Help Your Insurance Claim

by Tuĝba Van Den Heijkant

Filing a major insurance claim is often a lengthy and frustrating process. The insurance company may reject your claim or ask for revisions that could compromise your access to financial help.

An attorney can be a valuable ally when you have to deal with your insurance claim in court. Many attorneys like to rely on damages experts to help their clients get the compensation they deserve.

Learn more about the ways an insurance damages expert can help you with your insurance claim so that you will be prepared to use these professionals in the future.

1. Analyze Data to Determine Damages

Determining the extent of any damages that occurred prior to filing your insurance claim is critical when it comes to accessing financial help through your insurance provider.

Damages experts have the knowledge and experience required to analyze all of the data collected in connection with your claim.

The data will help a damages expert assign a value to the damages in your case. This value will serve as the basis for your case when you take the insurance company to court.

Damages experts can be especially helpful in analyzing data to determine the value of damages that occur over a lengthy period of time.

2. Help Your Attorney With Discovery

Discovery is the process by which an attorney collects evidence and information that is relevant to a given case.

Determining which types of documents and records to request when working with an insurance claim can be challenging for many attorneys. A damages expert can be brought in during the discovery phase to assist your attorney.

The damages expert will know what information is needed to accurately determine the extent and value of damages associated with your claim. Your attorney can rely on the damages expert to guide him or her through the discovery process with ease.

3. Provide Expert Testimony

Insurance claims that end up in court make for complex cases. The average person might not be familiar with all of the nuances involved in identifying damages and calculating the value of repairing these damages.

A damages expert can be called to testify as an expert witness in court. Damages experts have the ability to explain the work they do in language that jurors can understand.

Helping the jury understand how you arrived at the value your attorney is requesting can improve your odds of winning your insurance claim case.


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