understanding your insurance policy

understanding your insurance policy

3 Endorsements To Add To Your Auto Insurance Policy

by Tuĝba Van Den Heijkant

If you worry that you will ever get in an accident or experience damage to your car, you should make sure you have the right auto insurance coverages for protection. The top two types of coverages to have are collision and comprehensive coverages, but even these two types may have some loopholes where you are not fully protected. To make up for this, here are three endorsements you may want to add to your policy to make sure you are protected in full.

Rental car coverage

Do you have a spare car on hand that you can use anytime you need to? Most people do not, which means they are left without a car any time their car is in the shop. While rental car coverage will not provide you with compensation if your car needs normal repairs, but it will provide you with compensation if your car needs repairs after a car accident. Rental car coverage pays out a certain amount per day towards the costs of renting a car for any peril that is covered under your policy. Adding this coverage to your policy may only cost between $2 to $15. This is not a bad price for having this type of protection when needed.

Glass coverage

Did you even know that you can purchase an endorsement for glass coverage? Many people do not even know this exists, but it is important to know that it might not be available through all insurance companies. The key purpose of glass coverage is to cover glass damage to your car, and it normally covers 100% of the repairs. In other words, there usually is not a deductible. If your windshield cracks or shatters, this is the coverage that would pay for it to be replaced.

Pet coverage

One other endorsement you could add is for pet coverage. This is definitely not a popular and common type of coverage, but it is an option with many insurance companies. It is a type of coverage that would pay for medical bills and other expenses for your pets if they were in the car when you were involved in an accident. If your pet goes with you everywhere you go, you might want to at least look into this coverage.

Adding endorsements to an existing policy is a way to fully cover and protect yourself, and you can learn more about these and other options by talking to an auto insurance agent.


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understanding your insurance policy

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