understanding your insurance policy

understanding your insurance policy

Lower Your Car Insurance Costs With These Driving Tips

by Tuĝba Van Den Heijkant

There are many dangerous activities that people do on a daily basis, but driving is by far one of the most dangerous. All it takes is the simplest and most minor of mistakes to lead to a serious auto accident. Even if no one suffers serious injuries, it is possible for an auto accident to cause your auto insurance premiums to spike. With that being said, it pays off to exercise some caution each time you decide to get behind the wheel of your vehicle. Below, you will find a list of tips that will help you remain safe on the road while also saving money on your auto insurance premiums.

Enroll in a Safe Driving Course

After you have driven for quite some time, it tends to come as second nature. As a result, people often develop a host of bad habits, which increase the risk of a collision. By enrolling in a safe driving course, you can refresh some of the most basic driving skills. Because these driving courses are so effective at preventing auto accidents, a lot of insurance companies will offer a discount on your insurance premium after you have completed an approved course.

Leave Plenty of Space

When it comes to common collisions on the road, rear-end accidents are one of the more avoidable collisions. When driving at highway speeds, it is a good idea to leave approximately three seconds between your own vehicle and the one in front of you. If you are driving behind a big rig, you should leave at least four, if not more, seconds between it and your vehicle.

Always Watch Your Blind Spots

Just about every single automobile has a blind spot that can hide another vehicle or a motorcycle. Rather than simply relying on your rear view and side mirrors, turn your head to look for vehicles in your blind spot prior to changing lanes.

Avoid Speeding

In 26 percent of all fatal auto collisions in 2017, speeding was a primary factor, and it is a factor in a number of serious injuries. You don't have to be involved in a crash for speeding to affect your auto insurance rates, as being pulled over for speeding and receiving a ticket for such can result in a spike in your insurance rates as well.

If you would like to learn more about how to reduce your auto insurance plan rate, talk to an insurance agent in your area today.


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