understanding your insurance policy

understanding your insurance policy

4 Factors That Will Affect The Cost Of Your Homeowners Insurance

by Tuĝba Van Den Heijkant

Every homeowner should carry home insurance, this is the safest and best way to ensure that you are protecting your investment of your home. However, each person may pay a different price in their home insurance. You might be wondering what factors affected the price of your policy. Here are some reasons you are paying what you are in homeowners insurance.

1. The Value Of Your Home

One of the first things the insurance provider will look at is how much your home is worth. The more expensive the home, the more you will pay in insurance. The provider has to plan for the worst, and if there is a house fire and you have to rebuild everything then you will need to replace everything, furniture and belongings included. So the more expensive your home, the more you will pay.

The value of your home will fluctuate over time. If you suspect that your home has depreciated in value since you last had it appraised, you can get another appraisal and send the value into the insurance company and they will adjust the price.

2. Where You Live

Another factor that goes into how much you will pay is where you live. If you live in an area with expensive property, you will pay more than someone who lives in a rural area. Additionally, if the area you live has a lot of crime, or high probability of natural disasters, you are likely to pay more in insurance.

3. Past Problems

If you have had to access your insurance policy in the past, then you are more likely to pay more than the person who has never filed a claim. This is why some people choose to pay out of pocket for small things, since it is better to pay once than to raise the price of their homeowners insurance.

The claim that you filed won't stay on the record forever, but it will for a couple of years. So if you had to file a claim against the policy it will affect your price for a couple years, then it should go back to normal.

4. If You Can Bundle

Lastly, if you can bundle your policies together then you are more likely to save money. Moving your car insurance, boat insurance and any other insurance you might carry to the same provider as your homeowners insurance will save you money all around.

These are just a couple factors that will affect your insurance.


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understanding your insurance policy

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