understanding your insurance policy

understanding your insurance policy

Key Factors To Remember When You Are Required To Buy SR22 Insurance

by Tuĝba Van Den Heijkant

Drivers who commit certain offenses may be required to carry special coverage on themselves and their vehicles. This coverage goes beyond the policy that their regular insurance provides. It essentially states that the driver accepts financial responsibility for their offenses and any future infractions that they commit while driving.

When you have been found guilty of offenses like DUI, driving without insurance or repeated speeding, you may be ordered to carry this additional insurance. Learn here what to expect from your SR22 insurance. 

Buying It From Your Insurer

You cannot purchase SR22 insurance as a policy in and of itself. It must be purchased as a supplement of sorts to insurance that you are already legally required to buy from your car insurance company.

In fact, your car insurer is the only one who can issue an SR22 insurance certificate to you. You must pay for it along with the regular insurance that you are legally obligated to buy for your car. Your insurer must be the one to fax or email proof of your SR22 to the state every month for you. 

Higher Cost

You also need to know that SR22 insurance is typically much more expensive than a regular car insurance policy. It can cause the rates of your regular insurance to go up significantly. You may find yourself having to pay much higher premiums because of being required to have SR22 insurance on your vehicle and yourself.

Your insurer will charge you more for your SR22 insurance because of the increased liability risk that it is taking by insuring you. Your insurance company must make sure that it has the money available to cover any driving offenses that you commit. It must be able to pay for civil and criminal fines, as well as judgments or medical bills that you could be responsible for because of your driving.

Finally, you may be required to carry SR22 insurance for a while. The state typically requires it of you for a significant amount of time to convince you to reform your behavior and also to protect the public from your potential driving offenses.

SR22 insurance must be purchased through your car insurance company. You cannot typically purchase a policy separate from your regular policy. It can also increase your premium costs and be something you must carry for a long time. Contact a car insurance company to learn more. 


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